Pride vs existence. Vison vs survival. Impact vs. Communication

All of us, small incubator and accelerator of the world face these dilemmas every single morning.

Our job  to build real companies, help them train and retain a talented team and generate revenue on a daily basis is so much of a full time job that it is sometimes challenging to focus on a long term strategy and vision. Stuck in this operational framework, we often follow blindly the few important partners that we have signed (or rather that have us signed) and which use us to get in touch and buy legitimacy with the tech ecosystem.

However, we should not forget that we are also entrepreneurs and that we are here to build long lasting organizations – hence here are few reasons why we should not let our “beautiful big partners” dig too much into our beliefs, or dig in them at all:

1) They don’t know much about technology entrepreneurship

Ok, that’s an easy one.  Any angry kid could have said that, but it is, nonetheless, it is true. Almost none of the employees or executives in those corporations, even the so-called “technology experts”, really know what it’s like to build technology SMEs, fund them, support them, manage HR and finance for startups, etc. Whatever program, event or money they want to give you, never forget that they’re mainly in it  for corporate responsibility reasons and not really ecosystems building.

That is not necessarily a problem. The problem is when their hidden objectives are more prominent than your priorities. When it comes to building the ecosystem, never forget that you are the visionaries, the ones to make it happen. More importantly, do not forget that you have a responsibility, to yourselves and to your clients, to remain true to that vision. Take their money, help them achieve what they need, but never at the price of your vision.

2) They tend to see you as “their” incubator

Well at least if you’re successful. But when you fail, they suddenly remember that you have other partners. That really may be a problem since you want to remain independent,  objective and open with all the entrepreneurs.  And you want them to perceive you as such. Indeed, the last thing the latter want is to belong to a large company, they want that large company to be their client. Just take for instance the corporate accelerators with no other partners: no entrepreneurs want to be part of those, because they need more than one partner. They need banks, investors, technology providers, legal advice, etc. Money and communication can never buy a trustful network.

3) They may discourage your team

As most large corporations, they live and grow by putting others down. They seem not to know any other way to build business relationships. It is even more flagrant in African ecosystems where open innovation and co-creation are still obscure concepts. Thus, when you collaborate with them, they may have behaviors and words that can really break your team’s motivation. Every young team is going to make mistakes but what matters is that they work  their ass off to execute perfect events and programs. Getting criticized just because your partners need a reason to diminish your fees or justify an internal argument within their team, may hurt your more passionate team members.

4) Your core vision is to help entrepreneurs succeed, not them

At the end of the day, the main reason you should not bother too much about keeping an unbalanced, non-constructive relationship with a large corporation is that, on the long term, you should not be relying on them to be sustainable. Of course, they are important in the first years, before you’ve found your business model and generated consistent revenues from your companies. But always bear in mind that you are here for one reason:  to build entrepreneurs. Every endeavor you may undertake along the way to survive is good but, if by any chance it had to stop, well it just may be a sign that you should refocus on your own core activities.

Your goal : make them better !

Of course, there is also amazing talented and passionate people in those companies who try to change it from the inside… you should definitely be close to them in order to build fruitful relationship with corporates that could also have a huge leverage on your incubator’s activity

Good luck and have fun.